Vintage Sniper Rifle Match

  M1A    M1-Garand

 Vintage Sniper rifle matches are held immediately following the Service Rifle Match on the 4th Saturday.  (Usually around noon)

What a great way to honor military rifles of the past.  Some are legends, others just a moment in time.  If you have ever served with, or just enjoy vintage service rifles, then come  spend some time with those who share your passion;  maybe just show off a little extraordinary skill or like most of us talk bigger than our ability. And all you High Power  shooters…show us what you got;  we strive for and share your drive for unmatched excellence and who knows, maybe we can teach you a thing or two.

For more information on Vintage Sniper Rifle matches contact: Tony Lacy (731) 336-3254

John C. Garand & Vintage Sniper Match

Vintage Sniper Match is now held on the 4th Saturday of the month.

See Calendar for specific dates and times.