Tactical Match

In our Tactical rifle matches, shooters engage a variety of targets from 100 to 700 yards.  We generally shoot 8 to 10 stages and expend anywhere from 50 to 100 rounds of ammunition.  Bolt action or semi auto rifles are both welcome at this match.   Detachable magazines are encouraged, but not required.  Please, NO DEER RIFLES OR HEAVY MAGNUM CALIBERS.  We shoot from many different positions – off barricades , prone, modified prone, rooftop, etc.  Most stages are run on a time limit depending on the amount of targets per stage and difficulty of the targets presented.  Our goal in these matches is to be safe and have fun.  We currently hold these matches quarterly.  Check the calendar for scheduled matches.

Our next match will be July 1st.

For Scores from this month’s match, click here.