Rimfire Benchrest

Rimfire Benchrest is a fun, challenging, and exciting way to compete without the high cost of centerfire ammunition.  This event is geared for all ages and experience levels.

Eight concrete benches with overhead cover allow us to shoot in most all weather.  We start shooting at 9:00a.m., but get here early to sign up and set up.  We’ll shoot multiple groups and still be finished shooting by early afternoon.

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Here is a PDF of the target used at shoots.  You can download and print this out for practice.  The PDF is actual size.
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 This event is held the 3rd Saturday of each month.
contact:  Grant Laird  731-336-9207


To make sure rifles are safe; there is a strict no bolt policy at the range.  Bolts shall not be inserted into the rifle until after the “Commence Fire” command is given. If you are using a rifle where the bolt is not easily removed you must insert a visible chamber flag into the action.  Lever action or semi-auto rifles must have a visible chamber flag inserted. There are to be no magazines inserted into the rifle until the “Commence Fire” command is given.  Rifles should be uncased at the range with bolts out, chamber flags inserted if needed, and no magazine in the action.


Any firearm chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge may be used.  There are no weight limits and no dimensional restrictions to barrels or stocks.  There are no limits on scope magnification.  Bolt action rifles are all scored together whether custom or factory rifles are used.  Semi-auto, pump, or lever action rifles are scored together.


Any rest may be used to shoot from the bench.  One piece rests, separate front and rear rests, or sandbags may be used so long as any such device prevents the barreled action from being affixed to the bench in an immovable manner.  When a rifle is raised straight up, the front and/or rear rest must not rise up with rifle.


Any brand of factory loaded .22 caliber ammunition may be used.  It must be available for sale over-the-counter and consist of the original, unaltered factory cartridge case, powder, and projectile.  No hand loads or reloads are allowed and there shall be no removal, replacement, or addition to factory lubrication. Simply stated the ammunition must be used as it comes out of the box.


The Henry County Gun Club target consists of 10 record bulls and two sighters. The record bulls are numbered 1 through ten and the sighters are designated with an “S”.  Unlimited shots are allowed on the sighters.  Only one shot per record bull is allowed.  The distance from the forward edge of the bench to the target is 50 yards. Each target will be allotted 10 minutes to complete. Targets should be placed and removed by the match director and a designated target crew only.


There are 10 record bulls on each target.  The center ring of the bull scores 10 points.  In the center of each bull is a dot. If the bullet hole touches the dot that bull will be scored as an “X” and receive 10 points.  The highest possible score per target is 100 points and 10 X’s.  Placing a shot within a ring outside the 10 ring reduces the score by 1 point per ring. A shot outside the rings or no shot in a scoring box will result in a 10 point penalty.  The shots are scored by the best edge method. The match consists of one warm up target and 5 record targets. The warm up target is scored for information only and is not included in the aggregate score in any way. The highest possible score for a match is 500 points and 50 X’s.  If more than one shot is made on a record target the worst of the two will be scored.  There is a 10 minute time limit per target. The clock starts when the “Commence Fire” command is given and stops at 10 minutes when the “Cease Fire” command is given.  No shots are allowed after the “Cease Fire” command. Anyone firing a shot after the “Cease Fire” may be disqualified.  Any ties will be resolved by starting at target number one, bull one and comparing the score on each bull until a winner is determined.  If this does not determine a winner the number of dot wipe-outs will be used to break the tie.


If you complete your string of fire in less than the allotted time you should remain quietly at your bench until the “Cease Fire” command is given. Walking around or talking could be distracting to others. There is to be no smoking at the benches or under the covering while competitors are shooting. Please be considerate of your fellow shooters at all times.

For more information on Benchrest Rifle, please contact Grant Laird  731-336-9207