Membership App

Click below for the membership application and check list:


NOTE: Application must be mailed in with application fee!  Do not email application.  See details on application & checklist.

If just clicking the file does not open it for you, then try right-clicking on it and for Internet Explorer, “save target as”, for Firefox, “save link as”.  This will save the file to your computer. You can open it from there as long as you have a copy of Adobe Reader on your computer.  See below on how to get a current copy.


Downloading Adobe Reader In a Nutshell

  • All PDF files require the most current version of Adobe Reader to view. If you currently have a version lower than 7.0 and are experiencing difficulties in opening the page you might want to consider upgrading to the newest version.
  • After reading the below steps
    click on this Adobe icon (Download Adobe Reader so you can read the Acrobat version of this file) to get the Adobe Reader.
  • Download the Adobe Reader program onto your hard drive.
    How to avoid the most common mistake: Write down the exact name of the download file. Most people forget the name.
    How to avoid the second most common mistake: After you’ve downloaded the file, realize that you’re not done yet! You still have to execute the file!
  • Close down your browser and any other programs that are running on your computer
  • Find the file you downloaded and double-click on it to execute it.
  • Get back on the Internet where you will now be able to view any PDF file.


Okay, that’s it!  If you still have trouble viewing the document, please email for further support.