Multi-Distance Target Match

The Multi Distance Target Match provides a way to test an individual’s AR rifle marksmanship proficiency with IRON SIGHTS at varying distance targets, as viewed from 25 meters.

Alt-C Target

Our first match for this event will be February 24, 2018 on the 100/200 yard range. Sign-Up and Set-Up begins at 8:00 a.m. and the match starts at 9:00 a.m.

If participation is good, we’ll hold this match the 4th Saturday of each month from February through November.

Any individual undertaking this Match should first confirm their zero on their rifle before engaging the course.  See 25 Meter Zero Target.

This Match pits shooter and rifle against shooter and rifle; no optics, rest, or jacket strapped sling, no blaming wind, mirage, or batteries.  This is “Back to Basics” – creating an even playing field.

All you need is a properly zeroed, Iron Sighted AR-15, minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition and you too can find out if you can shoot without a crutch.

Range fees are $10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members.

The target being used is a Military 25 Meter (27y1ft) Alternate-C Qualification Course Target (see link below).  Some aspects of the Military sequence of events are used, but it is modified to suit our demographic and to make it entertaining and appealing to shooters of all ages and disciplines.

Match Overview:

2 – Courses of Fire, 40 rounds per course of fire, Timed;

1 – Practice and 1 – Match Record Fire, each consisting of:

Table 1 – Standing Unsupported, 2 – 10 round magazines, in 2-minutes;

Table 2 – Seated (at the bench) Unsupported, 2 – 10 round magazines,                        in  2-minutes.

Worst Edge Scoring (example link below);

Tie Breaker Shoot off, Targets moved to the 50 yard line:

Modified Match Record Fire, consisting of:

Table 1 – Standing Unsupported, 2 – 5 round magazines, 1 round in each target, in 1-minute;

Table 2 – Seated (at the bench) Unsupported, 2 – 5 round magazines, 1 round in each target, in 1-minute.

Range Organization:

At 8:00 a.m. open registration, collect Match Fees, ensure that everyone fills out Match Registration, and non-members fill out waiver of liability, and make sure first time attendees receive their free Match.  Close registration at 8:45, assign Firing positions and rotations.  Give Safety Brief and operational overview of the Range sequence of events.

Commands to be familiar with:

  1.    Lock = Lock a Magazine into the Weapon;
  2.    Load = Load a Round into the Chamber;
  3.    Rotate = Rotate Selector switch from Safe to Semi;
  4.    Fire = Commence Firing, Timer Started;
  5.    Cease Fire = Stop Firing, Clear Weapons, Time Ended; and
  6.    Eyes and Ears = put on Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection.


Worst Edge Scoring (WES) will be used to score targets, so a very good zero is very important.  WES means if the round impact is not completely in the black it will be counted as a miss.  If an X ring impact touches the outer, defining ring for the X ring area, it is only a hit for that target.  Complete hits count, must have black all the way around the point of entry.  Accuracy.

If two individuals shoot a 40 but one shoots a 40,1X, the 40,1X wins.  Maximum possible score achievable is 40,40X.  X count does carry over for Aggregate score.  Aggregate Score is the combined score throughout the Match Season.

End of Season Match 24 November High Aggregate Multi Distance Target Match Leader will have their Name put on a Plaque to be displayed in the Club House.  Will Include Name, Date and High Aggregate Score.  Plaque will have room for following years High Aggregate Leaders Scores, so all can see who the best is.

Each target has a 1.6” circle that will be counted as the X ring, impacts completely within that circle count as an X, and count to the overall score.  An X adds .10 to your score and only whole numbers are added.  If you get a 25 with 10X you would get a Marksman, but a 25 with a 9X is only a 25 = non-rated.  A 39 with 40X is only a 40, only a 40 can carry over X count to plus up your score for your Level.  This only applies to your Score Rating Level shown below.

Score Rating Levels available for achieving are:

  1.    Marksman (26-32);
  2.    Sharpshooter (33-37);
  3.    Expert (38-40);
  4.    Expert Marksman (40, 1X-15X);
  5.    Expert Sharpshooter (40,16X-32X);
  6.    Expert2 (40, 33X-37X); and
  7.    Master (40, 38X-40X) scores.


Members: $10.00                       Non-Members: $15.00

Call-out Fee:     $10.00 per person, paid by those that did not win.  A Tie will result in a Shoot-Off.


Multi Distance Target Match – Bragging rights and Building Aggregate Score for End of Season High Aggregate Point Winner

Winning a Call-out Challenge, Losing Party pays both entry fees – $20.00

Equipment for Competitors:

AR-15 in .223/5.56mm:  Iron Sights Zeroed for 25 meters;

100rds factory or hand loaded ammunition for the Match;

40rds per Call-out Challenge and $20.00 deposit, per Call-out Challenge (in case you lose, if you Win, you get your deposit back;

2 to 4 magazines 10 round or larger;

Eye, ear protection, and Chamber Flag;

A closed collar coat, jacket, or shirt, to protect from flying brass (optional, but highly recommended); and

Mat or pad for shooting bench to protect your elbows (optional).

Call-Out Challenge:

Anyone that has participated in the Match, after the Match is complete you may Call-out a Friend, Colleague, or Rival to a “unum in unum challenge”.  Which in Latin is a “One on One Challenge”.  The loser pays entry fee for both Call-Out Competitors.  So at the beginning of the Call-Out, both will turn-in $20.00 deposit, the Winner will receive their deposit back.

1 – Courses of Fire B: Match Record Fire: 40 rounds of ammunition, Timed;

Consisting of:

Table 1 – Standing Unsupported, 2 – 10 round magazines, in 2-minutes;

Table 2 – Seated (at the bench) Unsupported, 2 – 10 round magazines, in 2-minutes.

Match Director:  Michael Breeds – email (primary)  phone (alternate) – 931-232-2475 (no text).

Match Flyer         Score Sheet          Target WES Example        Call Out Challenge