Monthly Meeting Minutes

Monthly BOG Meeting Notes for May 1, 2017

  1. Call to Order.  HCGC BOG meeting was called to order by President Grant Laird at 5:55p.m.
  2. Roll Call of Officers.

President (Grant Laird) – Present

Vice President (Jerry Hunt) – Present

Treasurer (David Stubblefield) – Present

Secretary (Robert Horner) – Absent

Elected Board Members (Joe Heffley (Absent), Richard Davis (Present), Billy Warden (Present), Mike Merkle (Present), John Phillips (Absent), J.T. Hearn (Absent)

  1. Mike Merkle read the minutes from previous meeting. Notes were accepted as read.
  2. Reports of Officers.
  • Treasurer – David Stubblefield provided budget update and it was accepted as read by the BOG.
  • Trap/Skeet – Cart was purchased for the Trap/Skeet shooters as approved by the BOG in April. Clays were purchased to replenish the storage trailer as approved in previous meetings.  Delivery set for 5/2/17.
  • Tactical Match/High Power Rifle – 6 shooters participated in April. Billy requested that all members be emailed about the upcoming match on 6 May 17.
  • Vintage Sniper – no comments.
  • 3-Gun – no comments.
  • Pistol/IDPA – 21 shooters ($210) participated in IDPA in April. Steel targets on the range were damaged and causing shrapnel to deflect back at shooters.  Grant sent examples to Big Dog Steel for cost estimates.  Additional cost estimates will be requested from JC Steel Targets.  All targets should be AR500 steel.
  • Steel Challenge – 6 shooters participated in April.
  • Rimfire Benchrest – 15 shooters ($75) participated in April.
  • AR Benchrest – 10 shooters ($50) participated in April.
  • Appleseed – 5 shooters participated in April.
  • Handgun Safety Course. No update.
  1. Unfinished Business – BOG discussed movement of Trap Base/Equipment. All work is awaiting the purchase of the container for the Pistol Range.  Joe Heffley is tasked with ordering the new container.  One of the old sheds will be used to store the Trap Base/Equipment until we can reconstruct the new trap house.  Discussion included additional grading of area beyond trap field to level the land and improve drainage away from trap houses.
  2. New Business.
    • New Membership Applications
      • New applications approved – Angel Cardona (all others were approved prior to meeting via email).
      • Pending application issues – 10 members were not voted on at April General Membership meeting due to Robert’s absence. Members will be voted on at July meeting.
    • Other new business
      • Robert Horner submitted his resignation to Grant Laird prior to the meeting. Mike Merkle was voted in as interim Secretary until the July General Membership meeting.  At that time, the General Membership will vote on a new Secretary.
      • Concrete mix was dumped in the pot hole at the entrance to the range.
      • Grant brought up the need for more keys (basic and 600-yard range). David said Danny Tucker Locksmith makes our keys.
  3. Announcements (health, welfare, safety, community support, etc.) – none.
  4. Adjournment – 6:24p.m.