Mid-Range Prone and GSM

October’s Match is moved to 7-8 October 2017.

For our final match at HCGC this year, we will be hosting a Garand/Springfield/Vintage Military Rifle Match (7-8 Oct). Course of fire will be 3×600 prone slow fire both days.  You now have no reason not to shoot that vintage military rifle you have hiding in the closet.  So get that ammo loaded, come out and have some fun to finish the year.

Attached is the match program. 

This is a Club event and the intent is to have fun!  Put this on your calendar.  Hope to see you there!  Tim, MidSouth Marksmen

2017 Scores
Mid-Range Prone and GSM (Garand/Springfield/Military Rifle) 6X300

Rifle Classes:  As Issued M-1 Garand, Unlimited M-1 Garand, As Issued U.S. and Foreign Military Rifles (ie 1903 Springfield, U.S. model 1917, 3040 Krag, 7.5 cal. Swiss K-31, 6.5 cal. Swedish Mauser ) Iron sight only match, no scoped rifles permitted.

Course of Fire:  3 X 300 Saturday, 3 X 300 Sunday, All slow fire prone. Unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record. In a total time limit of 25 minutes, each match.

Dates:  October 07/08 2017

Registration:  Registration will begin at 07:00AM Central time and will close at 08:00AM Central time. Shooters who arrive after 08:00AM may or may not be squadded at the discretion of match officials. Shooters are strongly advised to arrive at the beginning of registration period.
Range Capacity: 10 firing points, 40 competitors total.
Fees: $40.00 Total for both days. Individual day $25.00. Junior shooters, as always, shoot for free.

Target Service:  Competitors will be required to pull/mark targets. A 4 relay rotation will be used with 2 competitors per target. At the discretion of match officials, a 3 relay rotation may be employed if the numbers dictate change.
Scoring: All competitors will score. Standard scoring methods will be used. Any competitor who fails to perform scoring duties may be disqualified.

Squadding: All matches will be squadded by the match director at the beginning of each day.

Coaching: Coaching during the scoring portion of the matches is not allowed.
Safety: Safety will be of paramount importance in all activities and at all times. All rifles will have an empty chamber indicator inserted into an open unloaded chamber at all times except when on the firing line during the preparation period or live fire.

Range Location:  From Puryear, TN, take Hwy 140 west approximately 3.5 miles and watch for Golden Springs Road. Turn on Golden Springs Road and club entrance is approximately 2 miles. Range is approximately ½ mile past the club entrance. Entrance will be marked by signs.  Physical address for range can be found at www.henrycountygunclub.com. (GPS).

Lodging:  Many hotels and restaurants to choose from in Murray, KY and several in Paris, TN.  Both locations are approximately 10 miles from range.

Additional:  Match officials reserve the right to refuse any entry or cause the withdrawal of any competitor who endangers or interferes with the harmony of the match. Match officials also reserve the right to change the match program at any time without notice if deemed necessary. Competitors and spectators assume all risk of accident and loss of property and must have a signed Liability Statement on file before match preparation and registration.

Contact Information:

Tim Kreier, Match Director (kreiertb@aol.com) 931-801-2384