Handgun Safety Course

Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Course

Henry County Gun Club (HCGC) is offering the handgun safety course needed to apply for the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit (HCP). Registration is open to the public for the class but size is limited to 20. Please call early to ensure you have a seat in the class.  The cost is $65, payable the day of class.

Preregistration is required at www.n2ctraining.com or by calling 270-293-1223.

“This class is designed for the individual interested in applying for his or her Handgun Carry Permit, but is also well suited for anyone as a first step to learn about the shooting sports.  “We make the class enjoyable for both the novice and the experienced shooter,” says instructor Brent Armstrong. Armstrong is certified as a Tennessee handgun instructor, is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, Kentucky Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons Instructor, and an International Defensive Pistol Association Range Safety Officer.  A shooting enthusiast and HCGC member himself, Armstrong added, “I’m excited about teaching this course at HCGC.  It is almost as much fun teaching others about gun safety and how to shoot as it is getting to shoot for yourself. “

Classes will begin at 8 am and will be completed the same day. Upcoming 2016 classes are scheduled for:

  • Saturday February 6;
  • Saturday March 5;
  • Saturday April 2;
  • Saturday  May 7;
  • Saturday June 4;
  • Saturday July 1;
  • Saturday August 5;
  • Saturday Sept 2;
  • Saturday November 4;
  • Saturday December 2;

The Tennessee Handgun Safety Course is one full day of training (eight hours), four hours in the classroom and four hours on the range. Students will learn about the function, operation, safety, cleaning and storage of their handguns. They will also learn about the legal liabilities of carrying a handgun. During the range portion of the class, students will learn the fundamentals of shooting and how to carry a handgun safely.

Upon completion of the class, participants will receive the certificate necessary to apply for the Tennessee HCP at their local Driver Service Center.

For additional information  about HCP, see the Tennessee Department of Safety website.

Tennessee online Handgun Carry Permit application process. Here

Students will be required to score a minimum of 70% on a written test and 70% on a course of fire (50 rounds).  Participants fulfilling the minimum requirements to pass this course will receive a certificate of course completion.

Students will need:

  • a functional & safe handgun
  • eye & ear protection
  • factory ammunition (100 rounds recommended and NO reloads)
  •  cleaning kit
  •  pen & paper
  • appropriate dress for the weather.

Firearms should be transported unloaded to the classroom in a case or holster.  Please secure your ammunition in your vehicle during the classroom portion of the training, no ammunition is allowed in the classroom.

Class participants will also want to bring their lunch since the club is several miles from town.

Club President Jerry Hunt said the HCGC is privileged to make the handgun safety course available to Tennessee residents.

“We are proud to be able to offer these classes to the citizens of Henry County. Our facility is perfect for these classes with the range and classroom here together,” Hunt said. “Furthermore, I have enough confidence in Brent as an instructor that my wife and son have signed up for the class.”

Henry County Gun Club is located at 1995 Goldston Spring Road in Puryear. For additional information on the Handgun Safety Course contact Brent Armstrong at (270) 293-1223 or kyccdw@att.net.