TN Handgun Safety Course

Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Course

Henry County Gun Club (HCGC) is offering the handgun safety course needed to apply for the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit (HCP).  Registration is open to the public for the class, but size is limited to 20.  Please call early to ensure you have a seat in the class.  The cost is $65, payable the day of class.

This class is designed for the individual interested in applying for his or her Tennessee HCP, but is also well suited for anyone as a first step to learn about the shooting sports.  Our instructors are certified as  Tennessee handgun instructors.

The Tennessee Handgun Safety Course is one full day of training (eight hours), four hours in the classroom and four hours on the range.  Classes begin at 8 am and will be completed the same day.

See the HCGC Calendar page for specific dates.

Students will learn about the function, operation, safety, cleaning and storage of their handguns. They will also learn about the legal liabilities of carrying a handgun.  During the range portion of the class, students will learn the fundamentals of shooting and how to carry a handgun safely.

Students will be required to score a minimum of 70% on a written test and 70% on a course of fire (50 rounds).  Participants fulfilling the minimum requirements to pass this course will receive a certificate of course completion.

This certificate is necessary to apply for the Tennessee HCP at your local Driver’s License Service Center.

For additional information about HCP, see the Tennessee Department of Safety website.

See the Tennessee online HCP application process. Here

Students will need:

  • a functional & safe handgun
  • eye & ear protection
  • factory ammunition (100 rounds recommended and NO reloads)
  • cleaning kit
  • pen & paper
  • appropriate dress for the weather

Firearms should be transported unloaded to the classroom in a case or holster. Please secure your ammunition in your vehicle during the classroom portion of the training, no ammunition is allowed in the classroom.

Class participants will also want to bring their lunch since the club is several miles from town.

Henry County Gun Club is located at 1995 Goldston Spring Road in Puryear.

For additional information on the Handgun Safety Course, contact John Brewer at (731) 336-3159 or or Tony Lacy (731)-845-3563

Upcoming class dates:

Nov 11th 2017

Dec 2nd 2017

Jan 13th 2018

Feb 3rd 2018

Mar 10th 2018

Apr 14th 2018

May 12th 2018

All classes will be held from 8 am to 4 pm.