Club Rules

  1. No shooter or guest shall drink alcohol or use illegal drugs prior to, during, or after shooting while on HCGC grounds.
  2. All Members must sign in and sign out at the Club House (or at the 600 yard range), except for official matches.  This is for your safety!
  3. If you see that someone is signed in, but not signed out, and you haven’t heard any activity, check on him/her before you leave.
  4. If you are the last person to leave; turn off all the lights, check to be sure the coffeepot is unplugged (even if you didn’t use it) and lock the clubhouse doors & gate.  Also lock the doors if you are not going to be near the clubhouse.
  5. Clean up after yourself and your group.  Clear trash from the tables and counters, wipe up spills, sweep the floor, and wash any dishes used.
  6. Empty trash cans in the clubhouse, restrooms, or kitchen any time they are full or have anything in them that may leave an undesirable odor.
  7. Replace paper towels and toilet paper as needed.
  8. In cold weather, set the clubhouse thermostat on 55°F when you leave.  In warm weather, turn off the clubhouse air conditioner when you leave.
  9. Pay for your sodas, rounds of skeet or trap, coffee, club hats and shirts.  NOT PAYING IS STEALING!
  10. If you get something out in the clubhouse or on the range, put it back when you are finished.  If something breaks or doesn’t work correctly, leave a note and report it to a club officer or board member.
  11. If you see something that needs to be done while on the range, do it!  For example, if a trash can is missing from a range, get one from the clubhouse.
  12. Make sure you read and follow the proper range equipment operations and rules.
  13. When finished using the skeet or trap equipment, refill & secure the machines.
  14. On the pistol & egress ranges, shoot rifles at paper or cardboard targets only, not steel.  Steel targets for rifles are on the rifle range.  Do not use magnum pistol loads on steel targets in pistol & egress ranges.
  15. ,22 cal rimfire & standard pistol calibers are allowable on all steel targets.
  16. Clean up the range when you finish shooting.  Pick-up trash & brass.  ,22cal rimfire is not considered brass.
  17. Do not use concrete block, bricks, can, bottles, etc., as targets.
  18. No loaded weapons in the clubhouse, only on the firing line.  The only exception is for those that have concealed carry permits, whose weapons are to remain securely holstered.
  19. At special events like IDPA, Silhouette, High Power/Vintage Rifle, etc., the safety officer in charge will discuss safety rules required for that event.
  20. Do not use target carriers or target frames as targets.
  21. When changing targets, the range must be declared cold.  All weapons must be empty, actions opened, & racked.  Do not handle weapons while people are downrange.  If necessary, plan a target-changing break at regular intervals.
  22. All shooters & observers on any hot range must use eye & ear protection.
  23. Before using the skeet or trap equipment, you must have received training on their proper use.  Contact a club officer or board member for training.
  24. We have to treat all HCGC property as if we own it, because as members, we do.