Welcome to Henry County Gun Club


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 Welcome to Henry County Gun Club (HCGC), the premier target shooting facility for shooting sports enthusiasts in northwest Tennessee and western Kentucky.  HCGC is a private, non-profit, member’s only gun club and is supported by member dues and range fees collected at match events open to the public.  Our facilities include a 1500 sq. ft. club house, 3 trap and skeet fields, 4 pistol bays, a 50 yard rifle range, a 100/200 yard rifle range, and a 600 yard rifle range.

As per our Bylaws;

“The purpose of this Club is to: Organize shooting sports among its members and citizens of the United States residing in our community; to promote education of and encouragement for organized rifle, pistol and shotgun sports; to encourage good citizenship, good sportsmanship, honesty, self discipline, team play, community service, and humanitarian services; to improve the safe handling and proper care of firearms; to promote marksmanship and competitive shooting and to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, with special emphasis placed upon those Rights listed in the Second Amendment.”

Day to day operations of the club are handled by a ten member Board of Governors elected by the membership annually.  The BOG meets monthly to handle routine business and we hold four member meetings a year to decide major decisions.  Members are encouraged to attend all of these meetings.

We have three trap and two skeet fields with a covered pavilion at each range. Our pistol range is 25 yards and has four bays and a covered pavilion for most of its length.  We host IDPA and 3 gun matches on this range as well as Appleseed events.  Our 50 yard rifle range has a covered pavilion with concrete benches and hosts rimfire benchrest.  Our 100/200 yard range has a 25 yard sight-in berm and a newly constructed pavilion with concrete benches to shoot from.  This is a very popular range for those wanting to sight in their rifle before hunting season and for those that just want to see those tiny 100 yard groups.

The range that sets our facility apart from many others is our 600 yard range with its large covered pavilion where we host several long range rifle matches such as Service Rifle, Vintage Sniper Rifle, Appleseed Known Distance, and Tactical Rifle/Precision Rifle matches.

While we encourage all law abiding firearms enthusiasts to become members, we do allow non -members to attend match events that are held regularly at the club.   Check out the web pages for each event for further information on all the activities at the club.

If you are not a member, we encourage you to apply.  Read our Bylaws and download an application.  Follow the instructions on the application.

Please send your questions to hcgunclub@gmail.com